Wenceslas Square

April 05, 2013-PragueStatue-4162

Wenceslas Square is directly in front of the National Museum.  The square itself is home to a monument (seen in the photo) for St. Wenceslas, a patron saint of Bohemia.  The square has been home to many different things, such as markets, protests, and demonstrations.

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The highlight of today was walking to class and seeing a guy riding his bike, while a cat was sitting on his shoulder.  I’ve seen videos of cats doing this with their owners on motorbikes, but never in person with a dude on a bicycle.  I wish I had my camera..

After class, I went to a presentation by a representative from FAO, a UN organization founded on fighting against hunger.  She gave us a basic background on what the organization does and how the organization is structured.  I was initially interested in this because Rome is home to their headquarters, a short walk from my apartment!  It’s interesting to hear their strategies of being (in my opinion) forward thinkers by essentially trying to train people to be self sufficient, instead of just handing out food.

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