The National Monument of Vittorio Emanuele II, also known as Alter of the Fatherland, was erected after Vittorio Emanuele passed away.  He was the first King of Italy and was known as the “Father of the Nation”.  The monument also has the nation’s tomb of the Unknown Soldier, which is guarded similarly to the United States’ Tomb of the Unknown Solider (we saw them the first night in a downpour with gusting winds).


After our morning Italian class, I finally had a chance to head out for a run.  We had thought there was a nice path running north along the Tiber, which it definitely was – at one time or another.  On our way there, we managed to almost run directly through a small ‘shanty’ town, which only kicked off the start of a pretty adventurous run.  Once we finally found a way onto the path, it was unfortunately covered mostly in slippery mud.   After about a mile and a half on the path, we found a way off the path and decided to try and follow a road along the river back to our apartment.

It seemed like this sidewalk would be far better, and we’d be back in no time.. Nope.  The area started to quickly get a little more ‘interesting,’ and we were forced to turn around and find another route.  Thankfully, we ended up running into a market that we had gone to on one of the first days and winded our way back to the apartment.  We’re going to find a better route eventually!

We also made our second trip to a small market (very similar to a supermarket in the US, but MUCH smaller).  Thankfully we now know enough Italian to make the checkout process a little bit smoother (which basically means I don’t have to give blank stares at the cashier until I somehow manage to pay – progress!).  I’m working my way through different types of pastas and other miscellaneous foods.  It’s refreshing to see that healthy items of food will often have multiple isles, while things like chips and snacks may only have a few small shelves in the far back corner of a market..  There aren’t 100’s of different kinds of potato chips here!  Maybe like 4-5 in one market.

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  • Dad January 31, 2013

    Nice Job on the photos and accompanying ‘blog’ – Thank you! Please try to be aware of everything around you at all times – especially on those runs! Good luck with the Italian…as you know, the Piper family has always struggled in our attempts to speak foreign languages. 🙂 – Dad

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