Via Triumphalis

Colosseo-0833This is the Arch of Constantine along with the Colosseo (aka Colosseum).  This area is part of a Roman Road known as the Via Triumphalis, where monuments were  often erected after a victory (including the Arch of Constantine). Truly impossible to understand the size of these two structures without standing right next to them.


Went walking around the old city today with my roommates – pretty unbelievable.  You can really only see so much from a picture.  We saw the Colosseum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, and a few other landmarks.
I’m slowly catching onto some Italian words.  We will start our classes this week, but living among Italians will definitely help speed things up.  Not as many people speak english in our area, so it’s somewhat frustrating at times.  Most Italians also seem to immediately know we’re American, so that immediately can set the tone of a ‘conversation’ (which could be either helpful and friendly, or the opposite).  It will get better when I can speak to and understand them.
They aren’t joking when they say Italian food is carb heavy – all of the food I have had so far consists of pizza, baguettes, or some sort of pasta.  Definitely refreshing though because their ingredients are very fresh.  We went shopping in a grocery store today to grab some stuff for the apartment for the first time.  A somewhat frustrating experience when you can’t read a majority of the labels or understand the cash register, but still interesting none the less.  We visited an open market yesterday with some of our guides and got to experience some of the freshest fruits and foods possible.  Mandarin oranges are far sweeter and fresher tasting than the states!  The market is probably a 10-15 minute walk from the apartment, so we will visit that every so often.  There are smaller shops directly below the apartment that sell similar foods and goods.
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