Via Crucis

March 29, 2013-StationsofthecrossFocus-3428

As mentioned below, the Stations of the Cross or Way of the Cross, consists of 14 different ‘stations’ that depict the events from Jesus’ condemning to death, until the burial in His tomb.  It is commonly on done on Good Friday, but can be done at anytime throughout the year.


There was a break in the overcast weather today, so we made our way into the city to walk around.  After stopping at an AS Roma store to pick up some gear, we walked through the museum in the Vittoriano and soaked in some of the sights of the Roman Forum.

March 29, 2013-StationsoftheCross-3439Pope Francis under the rent Papal tent (the Colosseum is to the right out of the frame)


Tonight, the Pope will be speaking in front of the Colosseum for the Stations of the Cross.  We had initially thought he would be leading a procession and explaining each Station of the Cross at different locations, but it ended up being a reading (in Italian) of all the Stations at the Colosseum.  After a long day, we listened to a few Stations among the tens of thousands of people and headed back to the apartment.

March 29, 2013-StationsofthecrossCrowds-3435Thousands of people crammed into the area around the Colosseum


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