April 26, 2013-5TerreVernazza-5729
Vernazza, the fourth of the five Cinque Terre towns I visited, is known for it’s small port and fisheries.  The village is home to a small Castle (seen at the top of the photo) called Doria Castle, built as a lookout against pirates in the 15th century.  There are also a few famous churches in the town dating back to the 13th century.

For more photos of my trip to Cinque Terre, go to the following blog post:


Today was basically the start of the end.  We had our Italian Language final, meaning it’d be the last time in our classroom, and the last time in the small office building the language classes are located.  Still hard to believe.

After a final presentation for the Economics of Organized Crime, it was back to the books, studying for our Mechanics of Materials final tomorrow..


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