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Venezia (Venice, Italy), is a ‘floating’ city off the northeastern coast of Italy.  The  city was built on 118 small islands, and it is currently sinking back into the Mediterranean Ocean at roughly two millimeters per year.  First populated in the fifth century, Venice is rated as the second most popular tourist city in Italy.


A nice part of Prague was how inexpensive it was to get to and from the airport. I’m used to having to shell out between €5-20 for a simple transport to a city. Here, it was only 32 korunas (or roughly 1.3 euros). Not too bad at all!

On our way to the airport, I became a little more nervous about the flight, something just didn’t feel right. Initially when I had booked it through a travel agency site called Opodo, I only received a confirmation email of the purchase (and they charged my card). Expecting I needed some way to check in, I had emailed them asking how I’d receive my confirmation from Air One (a budget airline owned by Alitalia). They responded back by simply saying to not worry, it was done through e-ticketing, and I’d just have to give my passport to the check in desk. Simple enough.

Well a few days ago I got nervous again and emailed them, no response. Oh we’ll, worst cast I’d be able to just buy a ticket for the flight when I got there since Andrew and Grant had purchased theirs directly through Alitalia, right? Nope.

We got to the airport with two hours to go before the ‘flight’. Looked up at the board, no flight at 0900 for Venezia.. Hm, maybe we’re just in the wrong terminal. Nope, after getting shuttled around to a few different information booths, we finally got to a counter that dealt with Air One. The man looked at as with a very confused look when we asked about the flight stating there were no flights to Venice today… Perfect.

A half hour later, less 2100 korunas (roughly €85), we were checking in for a flight to Milan. We figured it’d be better to hop on this flight and grab a train to Venice so we could still get our evening train leaving Venice at 1900, considering the flights to Rome were over 500 euros.

Frustrated, and having to almost triple the cost of the days travel, there was another guy in the same boat as us. He is stationed at a US Air Force post north of Venice and had no idea that this would happen to him either. Opodo received a nice email from me, and I look forward to their response.

After the short flight on Wizz Airlines, we hopped off and got on a 45 minute bus to Milano Centrale train station. Knowing we had a chance of catching a train that’d be in Venice an hour earlier than the next, we got off the bus at 1300 and sprinted through the station to make the 1305 train. As we were running, I purchased three tickets on my phone just in time for a conductor to let us on as the train began to depart. This ‘power’ move gave us an extra hour to enjoy Venice, bringing to total to roughly three hours (when we should have had nine…).

We thankfully made it to Venice and quickly checked our bags so we could move around a little faster.  Our brief research on the train narrowed down where we’d be running around to.  First, we made our way to the Grand Canal, which is exactly what it sounds like!

April 07, 2013-VeniceCanal-4510

April 07, 2013-VeniceCanal1-4515Two Gondoliers waiting for some more business.

April 07, 2013-VeniceCanal3-4541

The city is absolutely gorgeous.  Hundreds of streets zig-zagging around the numerous canals with random piazzas popping up around every corner.  The small streets were mainly home to plenty of clothing shops, restaurants, and gelaterias.

April 07, 2013-VeniceStreet-4538

I could definitely understand why some people stay Venice is hard to visit in the summer.  First of all, the small streets make it very difficult to move around with the masses of tourists.  Secondly, there is definitely a distinct, ocean smell that could be far worse with warm weather.

Either way, crossing the Rialto Bridge and seeing the Grand Canal is an amazing thing!  Following the signs to Piazza San Marco, we found it relatively quickly (even though it seems like they purposefully weave you through every street to see all of the shops).  The square is home to Basilica San Marco, a clock tower and is lined with procuracies (offices or homes of procurators).

April 07, 2013-VeniceGrandCanal-4550The Grand Canal (taken from the Rialto).

The Piazza is also right next to the lagoon where where you can see a few other basilicas and islands.

April 07, 2013-Venicegondola-4580

April 07, 2013-VeniceKC-4595KC Repping Rome’s soccer team all over Europe.

April 07, 2013-VeniceMe-4591

April 07, 2013-VenicePolizia-4611

Though abbreviated, I am still extremely thankful we made it to Venice.  It was a great ending to our spring break!

April 07, 2013-VeniceSideCanal-4554

Four cities, Four countries, Four flights, two trains, and over a thousand photos taken in seven days – not too bad!  Time to sleep for days..

The posts over the next few weeks will feature more photos from the trip as well!

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  • Dad April 24, 2013

    Incredible pictures Cam! I put the ‘pic of the day (the Venice pic above) on my desktop and it literally jumps out of the screen…it’s like we can reach in and touch the boat! Great stuff – keep it up! Love, Dad

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