Venetian Towers


The Venetian Towers were constructed around the time of the 1929 International Exposition.  The base of the towers were constructed of concrete, red brick, and copper roofs.  These were modeled after St. Mark’s Campanile in Venice.  Due to rapid deterioration of the towers, the netting placed near the top of the towers was put into place till further restorations could be made.

This post is basically a continuation from Saturday’s..  Only because we didn’t sleep at all since our flight was departing at 5:55am from Barcelona.

Grant and I walked around with Will and some of his friends from school to a bar or two before Grant and I had to run back to the hostel to collect KC and our bags. We hopped on a bus to the airport which could be labeled as a ‘struggle bus’.  KC fell asleep pretty quickly, and Grant and I attempted to stay awake to make sure we didn’t miss the airport.. The best way I can describe the last 15-20 minutes of the ride is an 8:30am class after getting a few hours of sleep before – your eyelids feel like cement.  I saw Grant start to fade, and I knew I couldn’t let my concrete eyelids win.  Thankfully we made it and got to our terminal to be the first RyanAir flight of the day.

After finally arriving back to the Gazometro (our apartment address) a little before 9am, I immediately passed out till around 4pm.  That just about sums up the day.

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