October 23, 2013_India_IMG_9939

October 23, 2013_India_IMG_9939


Valad is essentially the town that encompasses the village of Prashanthagiri. This small town ‘center’ is located a few kilometers from the village and is home to shops and commerce of the area.


A busy day of collecting last minute interviews, b roll, and saying goodbyes.  It has been an amazing experience in India, sharing stories, hearing stories, and spending time with the amazing people of Prashanthagiri.  We were honored with a dinner at Aneesh’s house.  His whole family opened their arms and prepared an amazing meal.  It was just about as perfect as an ending that we could have asked for.

October 23, 2013_India_IMG_0001

October 23, 2013_Dubai_IMG_9858

October 23, 2013_India_IMG_9996

October 23, 2013_India_IMG_9986

October 23, 2013_India_IMG_9984

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October 23, 2013_India_IMG_9858

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