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May 18, 2013-Sunapee-6846
The shores of Little Sunapee Lake.


Here I am, one week after returning home from Rome.  Oddly enough, I’m not even at my home.  I’m instead up in New Hampshire, sitting at my teammate/friend’s grandparent’s home that sits on the shore of Little Sunapee.

This week (in the short bits of free time that I had) I thought about what I wanted this site to either continue being or what I wanted it to turn into.  I quickly realized that even though my life this summer won’t be as exciting as the first half the year, I don’t want this site to turn into an archive of my past experiences.  I have decided to continue the site as a personal blog, with a new post once a week (or more if something exciting is happening in my life).  It will be a good way for friends that I have abroad or in the US to keep up with my life, as well a continuation of my aspirations as a photographer.

So here we go, the first weekly post of “Cam’s Weekly Update.”

After coming home from my In Processing on Monday, I was finally able to catch up with friends moments after coming home from the airport for Game 7 of the Bruins/Maple Leafs Eastern Conference Quarter Finals game.  I called up one of my buddies who told me the game was already a blow out (4-1), and I should at least head over to the bar they were at to follow along to where ever else the night took them.  I show up and it’s 4-2, a minute later 4-3.  Well, thankfully he was wrong and there was still a good game going.  The game ended up going into OT, with a winning goal by Bergeron for the win!  On to the Rangers.

The rest of the week was filled with catching up on some training (more on that later), working at Landry’s Bicycles, and catching up with friends.  I was so busy running around doing things that I never really got a chance to let the last semester settle in – it all still feels like somewhat of a dream.

So on Friday, I drove up to New London, New Hampshire to take part in the Team Psycho Training Weekend with one of my teammates.  Our team, Off the Front Multisport, is sponsored by this Team Psycho this year.  This training weekend would be a great time for the two of us to get acquainted with a strong group of triathletes – and with my training behind a few months, I was in for a rough one.

Friday morning started out with a roughly 40 mile ride – in New Hampshire – which means you’re in for all the hills.  Rome was extremely flat, and my rides there would maybe change a couple hundred meters in elevation.  This ride was over 2,000 feet, and I felt every foot. Later that afternoon, we did a Fartlek run which consists of running at different paces for different amounts of time.  This also was hilly for me – considering I had been running along the Tiber for a semester.

 The Group Pre-Ride

IMG_1023On the roads of NH

I woke up today plenty sore to start out with some running drills – 30 min easy run and drills.  After breakfast, it was off for another ride, except this one had an infamous Time Trial in the middle of it.  The time trial was five miles up a relatively consistent hill, then five miles back down it.  I had brought my TT bike, but completely forgot it was still set up for my race wheels – which meant I’d have to tough it out on the road bike.  With most of the guys flying past me in the aero position, I felt relatively consistent considering it was my 4th day on the bike since I got home (all in that week!).  We ended the day with a swim workout in the pool.  I was lucky enough (or unlucky) to be in the same lane as a triathlon hall of famer and world champion, Karen Smyers.

So here I am now, waiting to see if I won the Powerball Lottery of over $600 million and talking with my teammate about how we’re going to spend our winnings.

We all can dream.

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