Tiber River

May 02, 2013-VaticanTiber-6031

The Tiber River is the main reason why the Roman Empire was able to thrive in Rome.  The river, which is the third longest river in Italy, flows 406km into the Mediterranean Sea.  The name comes from numerous myths and legends – from Kings relieving themselves into the river to the story of Remus and Romulus.


I hate to keep doing this, but today is the last Sunday I will spending in Rome.

It was unfortunately pouring rain in the morning, so the day started relatively later in the afternoon.  I worked on editing the photos from the Giro d’Italia and catch up on a few things I will have to deal with when I return to my old home – the United States.

I went for a run along the Tiber, which has lowered enough that the path that runs along the river embankment goes pretty far north.  Even though you may have to deal with a few muddy sections and places that don’t smell so nice, it is nice to have a place that I can run – uninterrupted by city traffic lights and numerous tourists!  The path can be seen on either side of the River in today’s featured photo.

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