October 17, 2013-IndiaDay61-8638

The Tailoring Program at the Profugo house has been an amazing opportunity for some of the women in Prashanthagiri.  They have learned many business skills and are able to not only earn an income, but also give back to their whole community as the profits of the bags come right back to the village.   Savitri has been a key role model for many of the women in the program.


This morning, the breakfast of appam and vegetable curry started to get to me.  Not a good sign that after only a few days I’m getting sick of the curry!  I figured after taking a meal or two off from curry, my body wouldn’t mind it again.

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October 17, 2013-IndiaDay6-8620

The day started off with some b-roll around the village, which included a trip to a rice paddy down the road.  Rice had originally been the main cash crop in the area, but with weather shifts, the paddies have been drying up over the years, which has caused a shift to other crops like tea and coffee.  Seeing a field of paddies in perfect alignment is definitely a sight to see. We were met by a group of locals who immediately took notice to our cameras.

October 17, 2013-IndiaDay6-8654 October 17, 2013-IndiaDay6-8669 October 17, 2013-IndiaDay6-8672

Thankfully all of the locals usually welcome the cameras, instead of shying away!

To continue my campaign to avoid curry, I was able to find some peanut butter at lunch.  Chapati (the tortillas of India) and peanut butter was pretty tasty.

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October 17, 2013-IndiaDay6-8685

After lunch, we headed to the top of a hill for an interview with Tyler.  We picked a great spot overlooking the church at the top of another hill.  Unfortunately, since it was the middle of the day, the lighting was a bit rough.  To try and limit the harshness of the light on Tyler’s face, I ended up holding a diffuser (a round piece of white fabric) attached to a light stand over his head for the interview.  Sometimes, you gotta be a little uncomfortable to get the shot you want!

October 17, 2013-IndiaDay6-8702

October 17, 2013-IndiaDay6-8714

After some additional B-Roll, we headed back to town to see Dr. Abraham’s house.  Dr. Abraham is referred to as Uncle to the field fellows, as he is the Center of Development Director for Profugo.  Having been in the medical field his whole life, he enjoys a few more comforts compared to others.  When we arrived at his house, he had a nice spread of food laid out for us – including these pancake style things with fresh honey.. delicious!

October 17, 2013-IndiaDay6-8718

October 17, 2013-IndiaDay6-8730

We interviewed him, then it was off to dinner.  This time, we headed to a different “resort.”  When we arrived, it was obvious that we were probably the only people in the entire resort, as they had set up the dining area for just us.  It was kind of funny because they even had a photograph walking around the (nearly pitch black) room taking photos.

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