Colosseum Arena

The Colosseum was initially constructed starting 70AD by Vespasain.  The structure is also called Flavian Amphitheater, due to the Flavian dynasty of three emperors that aided in building it. The area itself was 83 by 48 meters.  The floor was initially made of wood so gladiators and ‘wild beasts’ could be raised into the area […]


Piazza dei Miracoli (Square of Miracles) is the most well known section of Pisa, as well as the most visited area in the small town  on the western coast of Italy.  Construction of the eldest building (the Duomo) began in the 11th century.  The two of four structures pictured here (with the Baptistry and Camposanto […]


This ‘bar’ is the one of two businesses within Idroscalo, a small “self made city” near the delta of the Tiber River with the Mediterranean Sea.  As explained below, this city lies in a grey area for city officials.  The residents have lived in the city for nearly 50 years – illegally.  The roughly 2,000 […]


This was one of the seven children in the family that we visited.  He had a great time introducing himself as Spiderman, pounding everyone’s fists, and arm wrestling – until he brought out his PSP… _____________________________ For our At Home in Rome class today, we had an on site visit to Monachina, a small camp/compound […]

Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square is directly in front of the National Museum.  The square itself is home to a monument (seen in the photo) for St. Wenceslas, a patron saint of Bohemia.  The square has been home to many different things, such as markets, protests, and demonstrations. For more on my travels to Prague, see the following […]


Amsterdam, a city founded on it’s prominent ports near the river Amstel, has a rich history of trade and now tourism.  With a name based off the dutch words translating to Amstel River Dam, the city is the capital of the Netherlands and is in the top 15 countries in the world for quality of […]

Eternal Flame

The Eternal Flames (there’s actually two of them) are placed on either side of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on the Il Vittoriano monument.  They signify the soldiers who lost their lives in World War One. _____________________________ Another midterm in the books, with one more to go!  It’s tough to find the motivation to […]

Eiffel Salesman

These guys were all over EVERY monument trying to sell their metal Eiffel Tower figurines. _____________________________ Another wet and rainy day in Rome.  Another wet and rainy community service night as well. Not much else to say!

Habemus Papam Franciscum

“We have Pope Francis.” Pope Francis is not only the first Latin American Pope, but he’s the first Pope to not come from Europe in 1200 years.  The name Francis was chosen for it’s meaning of “poverty, humility, simplicity and rebuilding the Catholic Church,” as stated on CNN. _____________________________ Today started out like every other […]

Christ Church

The Christ Church Cathedral is the first cathedral to be built in Dublin, around the 11th century.  It is now home to the tomb of Strongbow, a warlord requested to come to Ireland by a medieval king at the time. _____________________________ For our At Home in Rome class today, we made our way over to […]

Sphere Within Sphere

This is a sculpture done by Arnoldo Pomodoro that is in many places around the world, including the Vatican.  This one specifically was at Trinity College in Dublin.  You can see my reflection on two different parts of the sculpture due to the shape it was given. _____________________________ 2.5 hours and three different buses later, […]


 Barcelona, Spain _____________________________ Today for the At Home in Rome course, we walked around the central part of Rome comparing old drawings of the city before Mussolini’s era.  It was very interesting to see how buildings are moved around the city or manipulated to basically change the affect the building has on its surroundings.  As […]