2013 Fall Semester Recap

This semester, as part of my COM minor, I took a course called Digital Media Production.  The course helped to further my knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator, along with picking up some new Photography skills.  Considering I have had no formal training in either of those areas, I was able to learn a great amount […]

Tribal School

Children of the village will wake up at sunrise and get themselves ready to walk nearly two miles over the hill to their school.  The school doesn’t have the same system as the US does, whereas grades over there are declared by ‘Standards.’  The ‘elementary school’ and ‘high school’ are both located right next to […]

Nuova Casa

The house for the summer and next school year! _____________________________ This week (yet again) flew by..  Before I knew it, I was running around trying to make sure I finished all my last minute errands before heading south.  This included putting together a new bike!  I finally decided I should try riding in the woods […]