These are part of the 311 steps in the Monument, a tower built to commemorate the 1666 fire that destroyed 13,000 plus buildings in London. For more on my travels to London, see the following posts: Monday, April 1st: (London): Tuesday, April 2nd: (London): _____________________________ After a morning class, I had the rest of […]

New and Old

A common trend in Europe, unlike the US, is how new and old things blend in together in a big city.  In this photo, the Shard (which was completed just last year) is only a few blocks from the Southwark Cathedral, built in the 19th century. For more on my travels to London, see the […]

Tower Bridge

The London Tower Bridge was built in 1886 by five different contractors.  At the time, it was an engineering marvel due to the speed with which the bridge could raise, 90 seconds.  The bridge itself is roughly 244 meters long. For more on my travels to London, see the following posts: Monday, April 1st: (London): […]


Amsterdam, a city founded on it’s prominent ports near the river Amstel, has a rich history of trade and now tourism.  With a name based off the dutch words translating to Amstel River Dam, the city is the capital of the Netherlands and is in the top 15 countries in the world for quality of […]

Queen’s Guards

The Changing of the Guards at roughly 11:00am (it starts at 10:40am).  The Guard goes around the Monument and down towards the mall.  These Foot Guard Sentries are active military members and are actively ready for duty if necessary. _____________________________ After the morning’s breakfast, we set off to tour the Palaces of London. We took […]


Downtown London as seen from the 32nd floor of an apartment building.  The two most recognizable buildings are the two on the left: the Shard and Gherkin (30 St. Mary Axe). _____________________________ I decided to strap my Newton running shoes to my bag, as a week without doing anything physical besides walking wouldn’t help my […]

Spring Break

The first destination of our Spring Break, London.  The trip brought Andrew, Grant, KC, and I to London, Amsterdam, Prague, and Venice.  Seven days for four locations and four different countries! _____________________________ Easter Sunday! Over the past week, I’ve tried to experience a little bit of an Italian/Roman Easter holiday. We tried the dove shaped […]


London Heathrow Airport at 4:50am.