L’Ultimo Giorno

The keys to the Gazo.. tough to let go of. _____________________________  L’ultimo giorno – the last day. A day that I was in denial about for the last month or so.  A day that I had hoped would remain ‘a few weeks away.’  But, it had to happen eventually, and there was nothing I could […]

Cinque Terre

There are lots of photos in this post (25ish) – give it some time to load so you can enjoy them all! For the next five days (including today), I will be posting a photo of one of the Cinque Terre villages, in order from South to North (the same way I traveled).  In each […]


Every spring, Munich has something known as Münchener Frühlingsfest, or Munich Spring Fest.  This is an event very similar to Oktoberfest, but on a smaller scale.  The carnival takes place just south of the city’s center in Theresienwiese, where there are carnival games, food booths, rides, and tents such as the one pictured above called Festhalle […]

Ostia Lido

Mark tossing a frisbee to a new friend on the beach. _____________________________ With more beautiful weather forecasted for the day, Mark (my friend from home who’s also studying in Rome) invited me to come along to the beach for the day with him and two friends.  I was more than happy to join. We went […]


Praha, or Prague, is a city that has been an epicenter of culture since it’s settling in the 9th century.  It is the capital and largest city (roughly 2 million people living in and around the city) in the Czech Republic and the 14th largest city in the European Union. _____________________________ Knowing Prague is a […]

Via Crucis

As mentioned below, the Stations of the Cross or Way of the Cross, consists of 14 different ‘stations’ that depict the events from Jesus’ condemning to death, until the burial in His tomb.  It is commonly on done on Good Friday, but can be done at anytime throughout the year. _____________________________ There was a break […]


After Napoleon Bonaparte was elected, he appointed Baron Haussmann as Prefect. His job was to modernize the aging city that many Parisians were unhappy with at the time.  To do this, Haussmann demoed huge portions of the city to make the wide, straight streets still seen today. _____________________________ I fully took advantage of being able […]

Notre Dame

Notre Dame de Paris’, French for Our Lady of Paris, construction started in the twelfth century, and it was finally completed as it stands today in 1345.  Many people of the world solely know its name from the Hunchback of Notre Dame. _____________________________ After traveling for the past two weekends and not having a chance […]


The Atomium was constructed for the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair.  The structure stands on an area that also includes a park and expo centers.  Each sphere of the Atomium is 18m in diameter, and you can climb to the top. _____________________________ We woke up a little before 9am to have our continental breakfast made by […]


A nice night shot of the River Liffey, facing the Port of Dublin. _____________________________ Part of the reason I ended up in Dublin this weekend was because of something a few of my roommates celebrate back at school – Unofficial. Basically at the University of Illinois, they celebrate St. Patrick’s day the weekend before because […]


Napoli, or Naples, is a town that unfortunately has set a reputation for it’s crime and scandals.  The city itself is one of the oldest cities in the world.  The city has been home to numerous empires and got its name from the ancient Greeks as Neapolis, or “New City.”  As I will discuss in […]