Spring Break

April 01, 2013-LondonWelcome-3613

The first destination of our Spring Break, London.  The trip brought Andrew, Grant, KC, and I to London, Amsterdam, Prague, and Venice.  Seven days for four locations and four different countries!


Easter Sunday!

Over the past week, I’ve tried to experience a little bit of an Italian/Roman Easter holiday. We tried the dove shaped cake, went to the Stations of the Cross, and saw some very excited youngsters get their HUGE Kinder chocolate eggs with a toy on the inside. According to our professors, many Romans try and travel away from the city for the day to relatives in the area or for picnics, etc. Our area of the city still felt just about as busy, but the Church bells were definitely tolling in the morning.

Grant was lucky enough to get a ticket to the Easter Mass at the Vatican. The Vatican gives away tickets for inside the Basilica (nearly impossible to get) and some for seats in St. Peter’s Square. The Pope par takes in the mass inside the Basilica and then comes outside for a blessing to the crowd. I guess he came relatively close to Grant and kissed a baby on the head. I could have gone to stand in the square among thousands of others, but I would have been roughly the same distance from the Pope as I’ve been the last few times. There was also daylight savings, so I got to reclaim my lost hour of sleep, instead of waking up at dawn.

Andrew, Grant, and KC’s flight left a little earlier than mine due to a travel agent booking error. I flew out of Rome at 19:35 for a 21:15 arrival at London Luton airport (London is an hour behind). I daringly didn’t wear a coat, as I had ordered some clothes online and sent them to a friend in London (since they were based in London). I needed to save all the room I could in my small backpack. London is going through a weird cold spell, so I knew it’d be a little cold. Since I had to grab some British Pounds from the ATM, I missed the first shuttle to the train station, meaning I missed the first train by a few minutes, meaning it was a half hour on a 1 degree Celsius platform for Cam.. Brr.

I arrived at St. Pancras train station and walked out to see London’s signature red double decker busses zipping by. It may have been freezing, but I was excited to be in a new place. After a short walk, I was at the Clink78 hostel where I met the other guys. We all went to bed to charge up for a full day of sightseeing on Monday.

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