Sphere Within Sphere

February 28, 2013-GlobeReflection-1948

This is a sculpture done by Arnoldo Pomodoro that is in many places around the world, including the Vatican.  This one specifically was at Trinity College in Dublin.  You can see my reflection on two different parts of the sculpture due to the shape it was given.

February 28, 2013-SpherewithinSphere-1945


2.5 hours and three different buses later, we finally found ourselves at Ciampino airport. Destination: Dublin.

The flight itself was about three hours on Ryanair’s cramped, fully booked, airline. Once we got off the plane and hopped on a bus to the center of the city, the first noticeable thing was that everything is in English. After a month of only Italian, this was definitely a good feeling. I still found myself wanting to respond in Italian, often stuttering a little bit before speaking with someone. I guess that’s a good thing?! I’m learning something.

Since we got in so late, we ended up just eating at a Quiznos. We went to bed right after to get ready for a long day of sightseeing!

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