Spanish Steps

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The 121 steps of la Scalinata della Tinità dei Monti connect Piazza di Spagna with Piazza dei Monti.  The steps were completed in 1717.  In the beginning of the summer, the Steps are covered in rhododendrons until May 12th.


I went on a bit of a journey today to collect my Permesso di Soggiorno, or resident card (funny how we get them only a few days before leaving).  I went to one police station in the south of the city and was informed it was at another.  A nice walk in the rain later, I found myself in a line of only two people deep – that took almost a half hour to get through.  It doesn’t seem like people in any type of official position like an immigration office have any motivation to move quickly – taking breaks for cigarettes between each short encounter, etc.  They already had my ~160 euro for the Permesso, so the longer they held onto that plastic card, the better for them I guess.

In the afternoon, I took my Economics of Organized Crime final, crossing out the third of my three courses – wow.  This is one of the first times I wish I had more schoolwork to do, because it’d mean there’s still more time in the program!


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