San Paolo

May 09, 2013-RomaStPaulsInside-6785Basilica Papale di San Paolo fuori le Mura, or St. Paul’s Outside the Walls, is located south of the historic part of Rome.  With construction beginning in the fourth century and continuing till the 19th, this Basilica is one of the largest and most famous in Rome.  As noted in my post a few days ago, it is also home to St. Paul’s tomb.


26+ hours of no sleep means that any bed feels great – but there’s nothing like your own bed at your home home.  My bed at my house in Westborough felt like I was sleeping on clouds with the softest sheets when compared to my plank of a bed and rough sheets in Italy.

Even though I could have slept in for the whole day, this was not an option.  I had to get myself up, so I could begin the unpacking process and start packing again.  Why so soon?  I had to catch a flight at 4:30PM to head down to Philly for In Processing at Exelon for my internship this summer.

It didn’t stop me from laying in my bed for a few minutes.  Things are starting to slowly setting in that I’m back home and won’t be taking another plane back to my home in Rome.  A sad realization will be hitting me over the next few weeks as small things I see or experience might trigger another reminiscing of Rome.

So a mere 12-13 hours after I stepped into my house, I was out the door again destined for the airport I had just left.  Who would have thought the first time I got back in my car and drove it’d be back to the airport?

Getting back on a plane made it feel like I was actually just flying back after a weekend away.  In reality, I was flying south to Philly.  I’ll get to drive past Villanova, on my way to Limerick, PA, home of the Limerick Generating Station.

The two cooling towers of the plant

Everything still feels like somewhat of a dream.  The last semester, flying home, etc.  I’m expecting if I get a chance to settle down in the next few weeks, it will all really settle in.

We’ll see how I feel in my “one week after” post!

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