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Piazza San Marco is the largest square in Venice.  The square is home to Basilica San Marco, a clock tower and is lined with procuracies (offices or homes of procurators).  The piazza has been known to flood during high water surges in the summer!

For more about my trip to Venice, see the following post below:

Sunday, April 7th: (Venice):


As I’ve mentioned before, my bike workouts have consisted of trying to get lost somewhere within the city or it’s outskirts.  Today was a great example of that!  I started off by heading north with the intention of getting a little hill work in, but ended up popping out in the very busy/popular Piazza del Popolo.. I quickly got out of there and made my way towards the AS Roma soccer stadium where I knew there’d be some hills to work on.  As I was ascending into an area I’ve never been, I pretty much just assumed I’d pop out in the direction I was heading.  I was excited as the hill kept climbing, and the area was very interesting (a bunch of Villas, Monasteries, and small schools).  Things in Europe don’t work like they do out in the suburbs of Boston – there are a lot of one way streets.  Even on the ridge of a hill, there were one way streets..

I eventually found my way around the mountain and realigned myself back to my apartment.  Training in a city environment doesn’t really promote quality, consistent riding unfortunately.  But it does make for a fun ride, working my way through traffic and weaving in and out of cars (sorry Mom and Dad, I’m safe I promise).

For dinner, we decided to check out Eataly’s selection.  Eataly is essentially like a Whole Foods in the US.  I got chicken and potato wedges – aka half a rotisserie chicken with some potatoes.  Delicious!

Off to bed for an early wake up to catch a plane to Munich!

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