Roommates (minus Sam) in front of the Vittorio


Crazy to think I’ve already been here for over a week – time is flying!

Relatively low key day.  The amount we have been walking around is crazy to think about.  Yesterday we probably walked a little over 10 miles.  I wouldn’t be far off if I said we were averaging between 8-12 miles per day so far.

We got to take a tour of the different possible ‘sporting’ facilities of our area.  Sports are not as prominent in Italian’s culture, and that was clearly displayed in what is around the area.  We all take our gym, fields, and courts for granted in the US, that’s for sure.  The facilities over here was very small, expensive, and relatively low tech.  For example, swimming in a lap pool in Rome will cost me between 5-8 euros each time I want to swim (that’s WITH a student discount).  At least there’s a free track!

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