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Praha, or Prague, is a city that has been an epicenter of culture since it’s settling in the 9th century.  It is the capital and largest city (roughly 2 million people living in and around the city) in the Czech Republic and the 14th largest city in the European Union.


Knowing Prague is a smaller city, and that we had two full days here, we decided to sleep in a little later than normal and got up around 10:45. I had initially planned on going for a run, but I decided the below freezing/shorts combo with no real winter running clothes wasn’t the best idea.

With a tourist map in hand, we headed across the Charles Bridge towards the Old Town Square. The square is home to the famous astronomical clock tower (built in 1410 and the oldest clock of its kind still in operation) and a large cathedral. The square itself had a small fair/festival kind of thing going on for Easter time. There were small shops selling tradition Czech cuisine and other goods. One of the popular desserts is a piece of dough wrapped around a spit type thing and cooked over coal. After this, they dip the dough into cinnamon and sugar for a Cinnabon style treat (seen below).

April 05, 2013-PragueAtomicClock-4115Astronomical Clock

April 05, 2013-PragueFood-4121Sausage and kebabs of some sort.

April 05, 2013-PragueEaster-4136Easter Decorations

April 05, 2013-PragueTrdelnik-4122Trdelnik dessert

To make sure we didn’t spend all of our Czech Korunas in one place, we kept walking east towards the Power Gate and then eventually the National Museum. Realizing that we had already seen a good majority of the city, we decided it was probably best to just see the Castle as well.

PragueFoodHot food from a street vender.  Potato, cheese, chicken, and ham (bottom).  Pork, dumpling, and cheese (top). Doesn’t look to appealing, but it was delicious!

April 05, 2013-PraguePowderGate-4143Powder Gate

April 05, 2013-PragueMainSt-4150Main Street in front of National Museum

April 05, 2013-PragueNationalMuseum-4151National Museum

On the way back to the other side of the river, we saw the Petrin Tower up on top of a hill just south of the Lesser Quarter. Assuming there’d be some good panoramic views of the city from there, we walked by an interesting monument to those who lost their lives to Communism (the Czech Republic used to be part of the Soviet Union). The park was a nice relief to city life and big buildings.

April 05, 2013-PragueCommunism-4181Communism Monument

April 05, 2013-PraguePark-4202Petřín Park

April 05, 2013-PraguePetrin-4243Petřín Lookout Tower

The Petřín Lookout Tower was modeled after the Eiffel Tower which is very apparent. The only main difference is how much smaller the tower is. For a small fee, we were able to climb up the 280+ steps to see a great view of the city (even though it was unfortunately cloudy).

April 05, 2013-PragueFlag-4272Czech Republic Flag

We made our way around to the Prague Castle after stopping through an old Monastery. The castle itself doesn’t exactly look like what you’d think a traditional castle looks like. The layout and location is what gives you the best indication of it being a castle. It’s up on a hill and has a exterior wall structure (of mostly buildings) with a cathedral in the middle. It is actually the largest ancient castle in the world.  Our luck with timing allowed us to watch some guards marching through the alley ways of the interior of the castle grounds!

April 05, 2013-PragueCastleGuard-4298Castle Guard


April 05, 2013-PragueCastleStatue-4295The Statues were pretty brutal.  The other side was a guy about to stab someone in the head..

April 05, 2013-PragueCastleCathedral-4311St. Vitus Cathedral

For dinner we stopped at a small restaurant where I got some beef goulash with potato pancakes. Not exactly the best thing I’ve eaten, but I just wanted to try something new! After, we did a pub crawl that finished at what they called the “Largest Music Club in Central Europe” called Karlovy lázně. The club had a different theme on each level (5 floors) with different music, even an ice bar in the basement. It was a great time!

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