Ponte di Rialto

April 07, 2013-VeniceRialto-4547
The Rialto Bridge is Venice is one of the four bridges crossing the Grand Canal.  The present day bridge was first constructed in 1588.

For more about my trip to Venice, see the following post below:

Sunday, April 7th: (Venice): http://cameronpiper.com/venezia/


The weather here has been in the high 60’s, low 70’s!

I hopped on my bike and rode north, trying again to find a place to ride around the city.  I saw a building that looked like an observatory on top of a hill, so I decided it’d be my objected to find a road up to the top of the mountain/hill.  I eventually found a road that wound its way up the hill (which is called Monte Mario) and there was a park at top.  In order to get the best view of Rome, I had to carefully ride my road bike down a path meant for mountain bikes.. The cobbles were a little scary, not to mention a good amount of broken glass!

RomeVIew View of the city (iPhone).  You can see the Vittoriano off in the distance (white building).

I made it and got to see some amazing panoramic views of the city.  It was a perfect day!

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