March 16, 2013-ArcdetriompheView-3331After Napoleon Bonaparte was elected, he appointed Baron Haussmann as Prefect. His job was to modernize the aging city that many Parisians were unhappy with at the time.  To do this, Haussmann demoed huge portions of the city to make the wide, straight streets still seen today.


I fully took advantage of being able to sleep in for the first time in a few weeks – it was very needed.

Timur and I signed up for a ping pong tournament hosted by Roma3 thinking we’d get to play a little, win a few games, and head back to the apartment.  Well, it looks like we found out what a lot of Romans do instead of hit the gym or go for runs… play ping pong.  After we both were quickly outed in the first rounds, we got to play against each other for fun while other matches finished.  I don’t think I’ve played that much since I was at Belknap!

It was another beautiful day here, so we spent the rest of the day taking in the great weather.  Definitely not disappointed I’m not in the Northeast…. Hope the snow is treating everyone well!



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