Parc Élisabeth

March 08, 2013-ElisabethPark-2525
This is Elisabeth Park, which is directly in front of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Brussels, Belgium.   It was designed specifically for a great view of the Basilica and covers 21 hectares, or 210,000 square meters.  Thus, making it a perfect place for joggers – seen in the photo.


We played in a small basketball tournament today run by RomaTre.  We were down a few of our roommates, so even though it was a 3v3 tourney, we only had four guys.  It was a pretty good mix of inexperienced players and really good players, and it was just our luck that we would play possibly two of the best teams in the first round.  Timur, Andrew, and Grant helped to put up a good fight in those games, but it didn’t work out so well.

Off to bed for a 3:00am wake up time!  We’ll be off to the airport: destination Paris!


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