Ostia Lido

April 12, 2013-MarkBeach-4615

Mark tossing a frisbee to a new friend on the beach.


With more beautiful weather forecasted for the day, Mark (my friend from home who’s also studying in Rome) invited me to come along to the beach for the day with him and two friends.  I was more than happy to join.

We went to a beach near Ostia, about a 45 minute train ride from Rome.  The beach wasn’t too large, but the sand was actually pretty nice.  The only downside was the wind, which caused sand to be flying (literally) everywhere!

After laying around for a few hours, we headed back to Rome.  We had decided to stay in for dinner, so Mark and I brought over some ingredients, while his friends Alex and Christine made a delicious (homemade!) dinner of Fettuccine Alfredo.

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