Old Meets New

February 20, 2013-oldvsnew-1626

A look at the old and the new (ish) of Rome.  The Theatre of Marcellus mixed with new age apartments and architecture.  The building originally held one of the first open air theatres in Rome, in 12 BC!  The apartments above the old ruins now are home to apartments worth over 1.2 million euro… for a 10 x 12 square meter space.  The building is often mistaken for the Colosseum (sadly) due to it’s similar architecture on this side of the building.


Another low key, no class day.  I was able to Skype with a professor from the communications department of Villanova that will be flying over here on Sunday.  He will be taking a few of us around a few neighborhoods of Rome to develop our photography skills.

Off to bed early for a train on Friday morning to Napoli!  (Naples)

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