March 30, 2013-PantheonRoof-3477

This is the Oculus of the Pantheon.  The purpose of this oculus was for natural light and partly as a sundial type system.  The height of the oculus matches the diameter of the Pantheon itself at around 43 meters.  The Pantheon has been used for many things over the ages, but is still used as a church.  The structure itself is known as one of the best preserved buildings in Rome.


Andrew and Grant’s friend is visiting from Paris, so we took him on a tour of the larger monuments in Rome.  Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate when we made it to the Pantheon, so we couldn’t take him everywhere! You can actually see the rain falling through the oculus in the photo.

I’ll fly to London tomorrow afternoon to start off spring break!  We’ll be in London till Wednesday, where we will continue on to Amsterdam.



  • Dad March 31, 2013

    My new screen background! Have a great trip to London! We should have been more prepared and found out where some of our relatives still live!

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