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A common trend in Europe, unlike the US, is how new and old things blend in together in a big city.  In this photo, the Shard (which was completed just last year) is only a few blocks from the Southwark Cathedral, built in the 19th century.

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Lazy Sunday (a bit of a theme for this weekend).  I am definitely glad I didn’t decide to travel again this weekend.  Being able to stay in Rome and enjoy the beautiful weather was a great choice.

There’s still no better way to not only enjoy the weather AND also see the city than while exercising.  I had a long run today, so I took the opportunity and ran around a few monuments and along the Tiber River (now that the river has lowered so the path is open!).

The Pope was making an appearance at a Basilica about a mile from our apartment tonight.  While we unfortunately we’re able to get tickets in time, my run finished just about the time the Mass let out.  So all up and down Ostiense, Roma Capitale Polizia were stationed to stop traffic when the motorcade drove by.  I cooled down from my run and stood by an intersection hoping to catch a glimpse.  After almost leaving a few times, the first motorcade went by with two coach buses filled with Priests and Cardinals.  About ten minutes later, a motorcade with five or six black sedans with tinted windows rolled by.  Unfortunately I couldn’t see into them, but that’s probably the closest I’ll be to seeing Papa Francesco!  All of the little kids kept yelling out “Papa, Papa! Ecco la!” (Pope is here) every time some police lights would flash up in the distance.

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