Mt. Watatic

May 27, 2013-Watatic_Landscape-6870

Mt. Watatic used to be a ski area, now turned into a well-maintained place to hike several different trails varying in difficulty in the towns of Ashby and Ashburnham, Massachusetts.


Things have been relatively busy this week between training, work, and prepping to head back down to Pennsylvania next week.

May 27, 2013-Watatic_Zakk-6860
Zakk and my dad on the way up, he persisted to try and lean back going up..

My sister and I made our way to my father’s house this weekend to celebrate his (53rd!) birthday and Memorial Day.  I got to enjoy my first open water swim of the season in Spec Pond (with a wetsuit of course) and then we hiked up Mt. Watatic with Zakk, Rhonda, and Pebbles (the dog).  Pebbles was leading the way up the hill most of the time!

May 27, 2013-Watatic_Sign-6863
A nice marker at the top.


May 27, 2013-Watatic_Cairn-6869
A Cairn marking the top, with Mt. Wachusett in the background

After the hike, we went back home for a small BBQ and to hang outside with Zakk.  Zakk has been very interested in video games lately, so he finally convinced Rhonda to let him get on the Wii U, to play Just Dance 4.

May 27, 2013-Watatic_Zakk1-6887
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After watching him play this, I am going to do my best to have him enjoy a few sports games instead..

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