April 01, 2013-LondonSpiral-3682
These are part of the 311 steps in the Monument, a tower built to commemorate the 1666 fire that destroyed 13,000 plus buildings in London.

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After a morning class, I had the rest of the day to do whatever I’d like – the best part of Tuesdays!

I took full advantage of this in two respects: seeing more of the city and getting in a good workout in!  I hopped on my bike to get in a good ride, which have turned into exploring the city trying to find a new neighborhood that I haven’t seen.  I had intended to go north west, but found myself in the north eastern part of the city after going in a few circles due to one way streets, etc.  I’m finally getting used to riding an aluminum frame on the Roman cobbles…

After the ride, I got in a good brick run.  It finally feels like the season is rapidly approaching!

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