Monterosso al Mare

April 26, 2013-5TerreMonterosso-5796
Monterosse al Mare, the fifth and final town in Cinque Terre that I visited.  The town is right on the water, and very different than the other four towns.  The town is more of a resort town, with numerous restaurants, bars, and hotels near the town’s two beaches. The town is split in two by a mountain, dividing it into the old and new towns.  Due to it’s low elevation (right on the water), it was prone to a flood back in 2011.

For more photos of my trip to Cinque Terre, go to the following blog post:


Like yesterday, it continues to be the start of the end.  I concluded my Materials course with its final exam.  Thankfully I passed the course!  Two down, two to go.

In the afternoon, I decided to be adventurous on my ride and go out to a town roughly 35km from Rome.  The town, Tivoli, is within the region of Lazio (as is Rome), and is considered one of the ‘hill towns’ in Italy.  The route looked easy enough, so I went for it.  (All iPhone photos below)

MarbleQuaryHUGE Marble Quarry on the way.

TivoliAfter about 17 miles, I could see the town on the hillside in front of me – beautiful!

TivoliClimbFast forward 20 something miles, and I was ascending into Tivoli!

TivoliSignMade it!

Once I winded my way up into the town, I wanted to quickly be a tourist.  I had told one of my roommates when I thought I’d be back (so that if something happened, they would try and help) and that time was going to be a close one to meet.  I rode to a small soccer field up the hill, saw the Castle of Rocca Pia (built in 1461), and the small town square.

TivoliSoccerSoccer Fields


TivoliCastle Castle Rocca Pia

TivoliCastle1Castle of Rocca Pia

TivoliSquareTown Square

TivoliView1 TivoliView TivoliView2 TivoliView3


April 30, 2013-TivoliVillanova-The town of Villanova!

I rode back quickly to ensure that my roommates knew I was alive – and made it!  On the way out, I did have a few moments of panic, thinking about what would happen if I double flatted.  The roads are COVERED in glass, so I’m been blessed that I’ve only flatted once so far – but here I am, over 15 miles from Rome with one spare tube.  That would have been a very expensive cab home..

TivoliRouteMy Route

TivoliElevationPretty obvious where the actual town is on this chart..

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