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A memorial for the prisoners and victims of the Dachau Concentration Camp.  The post Dachau has all of the information of my visit there, just click here.  An exerpt from the post:

“The Dachau Concentration Camp was the first concentration camp, and was initially used as a forced labor camp – where the prisoners would eventually be let free.  With the onset of World War II, the camp became extremely over crowded, and the home to thousands of prisoner deaths – due to Nazi control.  The camp itself was a model for the many other camps during the time. The camp was fully functional until the US Forces forced their way onto the grounds and liberated all prisoners on April 29th, 1945.  After which, the camp was used as a prison for SS officials awaiting trial.”


Well, a little over two weeks left here in Rome.  Beautiful day out.  Still so much stuff to see.  And… all of a sudden there’s a bunch of work to do too. Projects/exam all see to end up being due next week.

So I was busy working on those today, along with catching up with this site.  The internet speeds today were dreadful, and it took almost the entire day of constantly uploading things to have it all uploaded!

I decided last night to book a quick trip up to La Spezia, or a region commonly known as Cinque Terre.  I’ll be stopping by Pisa really quick to see the Leaning Tower, then I’ll continue to head up north!  Here’s to hoping the rain will hold off!

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