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Manarola is the second village of five that I stopped at during my trip. The village is known for it’s picturesque setting on the coastline.  It is the oldest town of the five and also one of the smallest.  The residents have lived off the town’s fishing and wineries for the past 700 years.

For more photos of my trip to CInque Terre, go to the following blog post:


Continued from Friday’s posts..

I’m sitting in a relatively empty train station with a train coming in over five hours. How do I pass the time?  Watching TV shows on my iPad.  Thank the lord for the little tablet, or else the time would not have moved by as fast as it did.

Throughout the late night hours, randomly people would wander onto the platform – mostly drunk locals and homeless people.  Every time I heard or saw someone, I’d quickly stash my iPad to make sure there was no reason for them to interact with.  Thankfully, their main target was usually the vending machine.  Repeatedly, they’d smash the machine hoping for something to fall out.. very interesting.

Around 5:00am, I had to start pacing around the platform to make sure I wouldn’t fall asleep with only 46 more minutes till my train arrived.  But, I made it and got on the train!  An empty cabin was prime, and I shut the shades and lights so I could try and sleep for the four hour journey back to Rome..  This lasted roughly a half hour until I had some visitors join me in the car..  At first, two of them didn’t bother me and fell asleep as well, but about 2 and a half hours into the ride, the car was full of people – a woman ripped open the shades, and a man forced me to move over a seat for his mother.

So now I’m stuck in the middle seat, which means no more sleeping.  I waited out the last two hours of the ride, and my bed back at the apartment seemed like a Godsend.

After I napped for a few hours, it was homework and study time… I guess since we have finals this week, I’ll have to do work for the first time this semester..

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