L’Ultimo Giorno

May 10, 2013-RomaGazoKeys-6841The keys to the Gazo.. tough to let go of.


 L’ultimo giorno – the last day.

A day that I was in denial about for the last month or so.  A day that I had hoped would remain ‘a few weeks away.’  But, it had to happen eventually, and there was nothing I could tell myself to make it go away.

The morning was spent starting the long, tedious process of packing and cleaning the apartment.  While it was something I didn’t want to do, it helped build up a little excitement of finally going back to the little town of Westborough.

I wanted to spend the last day in the center of town, whether it was just sitting somewhere or walking around.  I ended up walking over towards Capitoline Hill and walked around the terrace of the Vittoriano, staring out at the Forum and the skyline of Rome.  Essentially I just wanted to absorb anything and everything for the few short moments I had left in the Eternal City.

After I returned back to the apartment, Andrew and I headed off on a run down the Tiber.  I had convinced him that there was no reason to not spend our last day running further than he had together before, so our eyes were set on a 10 mile run, something he had never done before.  He powered through it, and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect for our last run through Rome – bravo Andrew!

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 11.51.19 AM10 Miler following the Tiber

For dinner, we went to one of the first places I had eaten at when we got here – DoppioZero.  Aperitivo was a new thing that I had never had in the States, and it is now something I wish they did have!  With the purchase of a drink, you can enjoy a buffet ranging from pastas, to pizzas, to vegetables.

A little more packing later, we had some business to settle – with our gelato lady.  When a small gelatoria had opened up near our apartment, we knew it’d be frequented quite a bit.  Two, three, four, maybe six times a week (whoops) ensured that she would be excited to see us every night.  Even though she didn’t speak any English, we were able to make sure she knew that we were leaving – to which she said she was sorry that we were (probably because we provided 25% of her business every week).  None the less, we went out with getting one of the biggest cones – go big or go home (or both considering we were going home..).

IMG_0994Ci vediamo Gelato Lady (iPhone)

IMG_0995 I want more..  (iPhone)

Even though I had walked around down town earlier in the day, I wanted to make another stroll at night.  Andrew, Grant, and I made our way to Piazza Venezia to see some of the monuments at night – from Piazza Novona, to the Pantheon, to the Trevi Fountain, and finishing at the Colosseum.  It was going to be our final goodbyes to the city that has shown us all so much.

IMG_0998Piazza Navona  (iPhone)

IMG_0999Piazza Navona  (iPhone)

IMG_1001Piazza Navona  (iPhone)


IMG_1002  (iPhone)


IMG_1003One last time.. the Colosseum  (iPhone)

I finished packing when we got back and got into my stiff, plank of a bed that I had become so accustomed to.  The sounds of the small bars and people chatting outside our apartment, along with the sound of traffic and honking horns lulled me to sleep – wouldn’t have had it any other way.

May 10, 2013-RomaPacking-6835The tough process of packing..

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