Kilmainham Gaol

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The Victorian Wing, or East Wing, of the Kilmainham Gaol.  This wing has been used many times within popular media, such as in the original film the Italian Job, or a U2 music video.  The wing itself was built in 1861 upon the principal of separation and silence.  In the original part of the jail, conditions were terrible and often there were hundreds of people confined to only 15-20 cells.  Part of this was due to the Irish Famine, but with the new wing, people believed it would help the prisoners to become good people again.  Ultimately, it did not work and the jail fell into ruins in the late 1920’s, before being restored years later.


We woke up still distraught from last night’s little ‘event,’ and the staff at Isaac’s hostel was very accommodating. They refunded the night’s money and apologized. While I know it was an issue somewhat out of their hands, the staff member mentioned to me that they couldn’t kick them out or call the police. Personally, if I was the owner of the place, if someone is breaking any rules (smoking/drinking in your room), you have full power/permission to kick anyone out at any time. You basically sign something when you book the night saying you’ll adhere to the rules.

There was one last thing we wanted to do before catching our afternoon flight. We grabbed another quick breakfast and walked to the Kilmainham Gaol (or jail). The jail itself was used between 1779 and 1921. We were given a very informative tour of the compound.

It’s nice to say when we got on the plane that we were excited to go ‘home.’ It’s pretty crazy how fast another place can feel like home – and Rome definitely does now!

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