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February 24, 2013-RomaYouth-1883
“Rome’s Youth” This is one of the photos from the session today.  I will continue to scatter these photos throughout the next few weeks.  This photo was taken towards the end of the day while walking through a small park.  We happened to walk up on this group of kids, and the one child in the middle began break dancing, well tried to break dance.  I surprisingly got this shot quickly, as it was his ‘best’ move.


Today I was able to meet up with a few professors from Villanova’s communication’s department to walk around Rome to learn a little more about photography.  Tina, our director, set up this program to give us a chance to not only see Rome through another light (or lens), but as a chance to improve our hobbies!

We started off the day by talking a bit about our photography backgrounds and about the technical aspects about photography.  We walked around a farmer’s market that we met at, and then made our way up to Aventine Hill, one of the seven hills of Rome. The weather in Rome was pretty gloomy, but at least it wasn’t pouring like Napoli!

At the top of the hill, there are many monasteries and a few basilicas, along with the Roman Rose Garden.  This neighborhood is known as one of the more expensive areas of Rome, for a few obvious reasons!  We walked near a very nice looking preschool that was hosting a voting station for the week’s vote.  A walk down to the end of the block revealed a small key/eye hole in a door.  Peering through the hole, perfectly trimmed shrubbery frames the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica off in the distance.  Pretty cool!  I will definitely go back to try and get a shot of it… it will be tough, but it’s a goal.

We stopped for a caffe and pastry before a walk through Testaccio.  A museum now takes the place of where ancient slaughter houses used to be, which is also home to a very large bamboo ‘sculpture.’  You are actually allowed to climb up the mess of bamboo (after you sign a waiver/your life away of course!) to see some cool views of the market.

Thank you to Tina for setting up the CLC and for Michael and his friend for coming out after flying all day to spend time with us!

When I got back to the apartment, we had an amazing apertivo DoppioZero for dinner and spent the rest of the night planning trips around Europe (aka spending the rest my money).  Once in a life time experience?!

Upcoming Trips:

Dublin, Ireland: February 27th – March 3rd

Brussels, Belgium: March 7th – March 9th

Paris, France:  March 15th – March 17th

London, UK – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Prague, Czech Republic – Venice, Italy (Spring Break): March 31st – April 8th

Munich, Germany: April 19th – April 21st


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