How To

This is a brief tutorial on how the website works, along with how to view each post specifically.  To see information about me specifically, see the About Me page.

To start, the homepage of the website shows a photo slider on the top of the page, as seen below:


This slider shows the most recent posts I have made to the site.  If you’d like to view a photo/post that you see on the slider, you click the title of the slider image located in the upper left hand corner, for example the “Amsterdam” title in the photo below:


Below the photo slider, you will see a mosaic of photos.  Each photo is a specific post I have made.  Each post signifies a day, and I post a new photo/blog each day.


To view a specifc post you see in the mosaic, click anywhere on the image!


This will bring you to a page below, which is the specific post itself.  Each post has a featured image:


Along with a dialogue of that specific day:


If you ever wish to return to the homepage, click the logo as seen below (seen at the top of a page):


To view specific photos from different locations I have visited, you can select a category, located on the bottom of a page.  Each category contains either specific days I was in that location or the featured photo from that day was taken in that location.



If you have any questions about how the site works, head over to the contact page and shoot me an email!

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