Our apartment is far nicer than I expected.  From the streets, the building looks older, pieces of concrete missing, and graffiti on the ground floor.  Thankfully, we have a newly remodeled apartment. Walking into the apartment, we were greeted by very high ceilings (makes it feel a lot bigger). There is a small living room, three bedrooms, tow bathrooms, and a kitchen.  We even have two terraces.  Really hard to complain about that one.

The students of my program are all in the areas of Ostiensie and Garbatella.  These are two ‘up incoming’ neighborhoods of Rome, filled with a mixture of a younger and older population.  Personally, I think we really lucked out with where we are.  The apartment is about a 10-15 minute walk from our university, five minute walk from the metro, and a 15-20 minute walk to a large outdoor market known as Testaccio.

Not to mention I can walk downstairs from my apartment and grab an expresso or slice of pizza without walking more than 25 meters from my door.  Not too bad.

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