firenze-1469This photo is taken from Giotto’s Campanile (bell tower) is directly next to the Florence Cathedral.  Climbing up the 414 steps gives you some amazing 360 degree views from a vantage point almost in the center of Florence.  The tower has been home to many bells over the last eight centuries, and it includes three different platforms before reaching the top of the tower.


Having seven hours of class on Mondays will definitely be interesting.  I was pretty tired from only traveling for the past two days.  We’ll see how Barcelona goes this weekend since I’ll be there for four days!

In between classes this morning, we learned about the declaration from the Pope.  It’s pretty amazing that we are living in Rome during this ‘event,’ if you can even call it that.  The fact that we are here for both the Italian political elections AND the selection of a new Pope will make the next month and a half very interesting.  We’ve gone to Vatican City once already, but we’ll be sure to get our moneys worth from our metro passes heading over there.

Our Organized Crime professor was blown away when we mentioned the news.  He seemed rather thrilled with this fact.  I personally don’t have a whole lot of knowledge about what Pope Benedict XVI, but from what he said, this might come as a relief to many Romans.  It will be interesting to what will unravel over these next few weeks.

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