Final Days

October 22, 2013_India_IMG_9684

The youth of the area would come to this Tribal School.  They would all converge for lunch of a basic curry and rice – while having a chat with friends.  It was quite a bit of rice to cook at once!


The atmosphere of today’s events followed very similarly to how the sun rises and sets – some very happy and cheery moments through some dark and depressing.

A good majority of the day was spent at the tribal school.  We were able to hang out with all of the children, who simply improve your day just by standing with them.  They were doing singing and dancing presentations that day, so we were able to share in their excitement of completing their performances!

At night, Brady, Andrew, Tyler, and I decided to see what the other side of the spectrum was like.  Alcoholism is a serious issue in India with the men, so we tried to go to a bar to potentially speak to a man or two if they spoke English.  We were immediately given odd looks when we stepped into the bar – and quickly ushered to a nicer section of the bar, away from a good majority of the drunks and filth.  We told them we wanted to be in the local part of the bar, to which we were warned we may not be welcomed.  Unfortunately, only one or two men knew any english, and it was very poor (probably on part due to their drunken state).  Very sad to see.

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