exploSHIV – Part Two: The Final Build


If you missed Part One, check it out here – exploSHIV – Part One: “Painting” the Frame.

This is one of the most unique frames you’ll see – both in concept and how it was actually painted.  I can guarantee that Brian Szykowny (the painter, @swiznooski) is the first person to build a rig to mount a frame to the bed of a truck – just so he can spray paint on it while driving down the road!  Less words… more photos.

Set One – The Frame

I had to take some shots right after the clear coat was dry…


Set Two – The Complete Build


Set Three – In the Wild

I wanted to give this build a ‘grand’ entrance into the racing world, but unfortunately, both attempts that I’ve made have been flawed in some way.


Here’s attempt one – a triathlon in Massachusetts that I have raced for the past six years.  The weather decided it wasn’t meant to be, so the bike sat outside in a downpour for a few hours instead.


I was able to ‘race’ it a few days later at a local TT.  The performance spoke for itself – I broke the course record by almost a minute and beat my personal best by nearly three minutes… all while wearing a normal road kit and Evade helmet! Here’s a link to the Strava file.

The next attempt would be at a far bigger venue – the Cascade Cycling Classic.  I started this season as a Category 4 and made the final upgrade to Category 1 the Monday before the race.  I was excited to race in my first Pro/1 field, but I also hadn’t ridden the Shiv since the race back east (nearly a month).. Having only ridden the bike a handful of times, I figured the battery would be good to go – nope!  After some frantic calls with Patrick Miller, I was prepping to run the TT in a fixed gear, but pulled out the junction box just in case I could find a charger the morning of (so I could get in a few shifts)…  Thankfully, the Hincapie team saved the day for me, and I got things functioning enough for just a couple of shifts – but the bike wasn’t as presentable as I had hoped!


Build Spec:

FramsetS-Works Shiv TT
Saddle: S-Works Power 
Crank Set:
 Shimano Dur Ace 9000
FD/RD: Shimano Ultegra Di2 6870
Shifters: Shimano Dur Ace 9000 Single Button

A big thanks to Brian Szykowny (@swiznoosk) for changing the game and painting some rad frames and Patrick “Tree” Miller (@mediamechanic) for the clean build – just so I could rip it all out in a panic.  I botched a few of the last shots in the tunnel, but Alex Chiu (@acaurora) took a couple of rad photos as well – keep an eye out for those in the future!

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Twitter: @_CamPiper

The photos and words are mine, if you are interested in using any of these photos, please reach out to me via the Contact page.

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