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Corniglia, the third of the five towns I visited, is the only one is not directly on the water.  It is perched on top of a  roughly 100m tall cliff, still overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.  The village is known for it’s main church of San Pietro, along with it’s small streets and alley ways.

For more photos of my trip to CInque Terre, go to the following blog post:


On my ride today, I decided to take a trip down Via Appia Antica, one of the oldest roads in Rome strategically placed during the Roman Empire.  It has numourus ruins on it along with a few catacombs.  It’s also almost entirely cobble stones… Not the most fun ride on an aluminum road bike!  I wanted to make sure I saw it sometime, so I went for it anyways.

About three quarters of the way down, I got off and decided to make my way somewhere else.  I saw another cyclist go by (first time!) and went to follow him.  He was riding down Via Appia Nuova, a road going parallel to Appia Antica.  This is a pretty major road that goes to Ciampino Airport.  I rode past the man and rode to Ciampino Airport before turning around.

On my way back, I got stuck in some sort of protest advocating against animal cruelty.  Hundreds of people in the streets yelling and walking with banners.  I wanted to go to Villa Borghese Gardens to check it out in the beautiful weather – but once I got there it was packed.  I tried to ride through a small portion, but there were too many people.

ProtestsProtests – iPhone Image

I rode by some sort of parade/procession of guards and a band, still trying to figure that one out.

BandBand – iPhone Image

As I headed back to the apartment, I wanted to swing by the Colosseum like normal.  It’s definitely tourist season now – thousands of people were wandering the streets of the historic part of Rome.  Crazy!

Our Gelato lady a few doors down really loves us now – I think we finally won her over.  I went for the 2 euro cone today (normally we get the 1.50€ one, which she actually said that as we walked in), and she loaded it up.. Probably double the amount of normal gelato!

GelatoGelato (Dark Chocolate, Coffee, Cherry Vanilla) –  iPhone Image

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