The almost never ending construction to many civilians of Barcelona.  Worries of collapse due to underground subways, combined with mixed feelings about spending, the building has taken over a hundreds to be built to this point. (One day I’ll learn to edit out the cranes, scaffolding, etc.)


Back to school, back to school.  Coming back after a long weekend of traveling will take some getting used to!

With Mondays being a heavier day for classes, I am glad that it is now over, and I’ll have a day off tomorrow.

Arcadia played a film tonight that we went to see called Habemus Papam.  The film depicts the passing of a Pope, and the new selection of another.  The cardinal who is elected had prayed against this, and it follows his struggles in an oddly Shakespearian style script.  Not exactly what I was expecting, but something I figured would be interesting considering the circumstances of the Vatican at the moment!

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