Colosseum Arena

May 08, 2013-RomaColosseo-6568The Colosseum was initially constructed starting 70AD by Vespasain.  The structure is also called Flavian Amphitheater, due to the Flavian dynasty of three emperors that aided in building it.

The area itself was 83 by 48 meters.  The floor was initially made of wood so gladiators and ‘wild beasts’ could be raised into the area from the hypogeum (or underground system of rooms and corridors).   Throughout it’s use, the max capacity was between 40,000 and 60,000 spectators.  Tens of thousands of Gladiators fought and lost their lives here along side numerous animals, such as lions, bears, deer, tigers, and boars.


Last night was a definitely a tough night’s sleep.  The days are really winding down, and it’s making it hard to stop thinking about it.

To combat this, I woke up early to make a run to the Colosseum.  I wanted to make sure I could see it before I had my last Final exam!

May 08, 2013-RomaColosseoCross-6542One of the first things you see upon entrance – a cross

I got to the Palatine Hill ticket gate around 9:00am to beat all of the lines.  In Rome, you purchase a combo ticket between Palatine Hill, the Forum, and the Colosseum.  It’s a lot easier to get tickets at Palatine Hill, so I can skip the line at the Colosseum.

May 08, 2013-RomaColosseoSide-6578From the north side of the second floor

As expected, it’s unbelievable to be standing inside the Colosseum.  While you don’t have too many places to go when you’re inside, it was an amazing feat of architecture for the first century AD.

May 08, 2013-RomaColosseoFloor-6546 The hypogeum (underground) below the old arena floor

May 08, 2013-RomaColosseoMe2-6626It’s hard to get a spot on the railing..

The curators have done a good job with the exhibits and information panels describing the structure throughout the ages.

May 08, 2013-RomaColosseoCorner-6595Southeast corner from the second floor

May 08, 2013-RomaColosseoPalentineHill-6561 Looking out towards Palatine Hill

May 08, 2013-RomaColosseoMe-6603South side of the second floor

May 08, 2013-RomaColosseoWalls-6629One of the many restricted areas right before the exit

I hurried back to our apartment to work a little more on a wrap up video I have been making (you’ll see it soon!).  Then it was off to my Final FINAL exam.  Weird.

May 08, 2013-RomaDolceNotte-6648A popular late night food spot – Sweet Night – I’m going to miss bombas..

May 08, 2013-RomaOstiense-6646The main street next to our apartment

We all went out to Pizza Nuova, as it is one of the last nights we’ll all be together in Rome.   It’s finally time to start saying goodbyes…

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