After walking up to the Colosseo (Colosseum), it is very evident why it is one of the seven wonders of the world.  The structure itself is massive and was constructed almost two millennia ago under emperor Vespasian!  Over its active life, it saw numerous gladiator battles, performances, shops, and even housing.


After our third day of intensive language classes, we had our first class of “At Home in Rome.”  We met in front of the Vittorio to be given a tour or some monuments around the area and a better idea of the history behind them.  We walked around the Capital Line area, getting to see a different perspective of the Roman Forum.

CapitalLineCapital Line

From there, we headed through a few different churches.  The first (seen below) was called Sant’Ignazio Church.  Definitely one of the largest churches I have ever stepped into.  The artistry of the fresco on the ceiling was amazing.  The artist, Andrea Pozzo, used illusions to make the building seem far larger than it actually was.  One of these illusions included a painted ‘dome’ which appears to be real until you walk towards it and realize it is just a flat ceiling!

ChurchSant’Ignazio Church

We also walked through another church with Gothic style architecture and learned about the cannibalism of many of the materials that ancient Roman buildings were constructed of.  Buildings like the Pantheon used to be covered in marble, but the Pope took many of these materials to construct different parts of the Vatican.

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