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March 03, 2013-ChristChurch-2249
The Christ Church Cathedral is the first cathedral to be built in Dublin, around the 11th century.  It is now home to the tomb of Strongbow, a warlord requested to come to Ireland by a medieval king at the time.


For our At Home in Rome class today, we made our way over to the Park of the Aqueducts.  Even though it was raining sideways, we walked around the Park learning about how the ancient Romans created an impeccable water supply, and how the area transformed itself into a home for many Romans.  Up until about a few months ago, people lived in/around the aqueducts.  They built their homes literally into the side of many of the archways of the acqueducts, until they were forced to relocate.  Many volunteers have helped clean up the area and turn it into a more formidable ‘park’ for tourists to see. Some of those pictures will be posted next week, even though there were only a few due to the pouring rain.

Later in the evening, I volunteered serving food to the homeless people of Rome again.  Since it was pouring rain out, we got to serve them from the cover of the railway station (thankfully).  Tonight some of the homeless people seemed a lot more aggressive/inebriated, which is definitely disappointing.   Even though my view of beggars is tainted from my trip to Barcelona, I still appreciated those who were very appreciative of the food we brought to them, instead of trying to make up lies about friends who had to leave so they could get more food…

Off to Brussels, Belgium in the morning!

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