Chateau Hallway

March 16, 2013-VersaillesChateauSculpture-3147 A hallway within the Chateau of Versailles.  There were numerous sculptures and paintings along the marble corridor.


The weather finally turned and today was amazing.  I took full advantage of the nice weather, starting out with a nice run.  I prayed a little hoping the path next to the Tiber would be dry, which it initially looked like.

A mile later, and I was shimmying across a railing to avoid a completely flooded path under a bridge.  Another muddy mile, and I ran around Tiber Island and headed back.  A mixture of obstacles and stairs made this a nice Tough Mudder warmup..

After I got back, a few of us headed into the city to go to the Spanish Steps to just hang out.  We ended up missing a turn and were in Villa Borghese, a pretty large garden/park.  After wandering for a little, we found the Steps, grabbed some gelato, and hung out for a few hours.

Can’t beat 60+ degree weather in March!

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