Charles Bridge

April 06, 2013-PragueNightCharlesBridge-4450

The Charles Bridge was first constructed in 1357 by Charles IV, crossing the Vitava River.  The bridge was a necessary connection between the Castle and Old Town of the city.


There was a restaurant a block down from our hostel called Bohemia Bagels. Since I’m a huge fan of bagels and haven’t touched one since January, it only seemed right to go there. Oh and they had pancakes too. Needless to say, I got my fill of breakfast foods I have missed!

Since we had seen the majority of things the previous day, we aimlessly wandered around the Jewish Quarter, Old Town Square, and the Lesser Quarter. We went by a famous wall nick named the “Lennon Wall” because of it’s John Lennon inspired graffiti and Beatles’ lyrics, but it is basically a wall where anyone can write or paint on.

April 05, 2013-PragueJewishQuarter-4142Jewish Quarter building architecture.  Somewhat simple and clean looking!

April 06, 2013-PragueLennonWall-4369Lennon Wall

April 06, 2013-PragueLeninWallEX-4373As the largest fraternity in the US, I wasn’t surprised to see some Sigma Chi graffiti.

From there, we were on the hunt for a weird looking building that had a blackish facade that we had seen from the Castle yesterday. Our hunt led us into the Czech Parliament building a few blocks from the hostel where there was a small garden along with the building we were looking for.

April 06, 2013-PragueSenateWall-4347Senate Wall

April 06, 2013-PraguePolice-4386Police on Horseback

As you can see, the style of the building was to mimic a liquid or material cooling as it dripped, which was supposed to give it a mix of artificial and natural qualities. Many people still find it mysterious and confusing, as did the four of us!

PraguePinappleAfter dinner, we went back to Old Town Square to grab some dessert.  I got Pineapple covered in chocolate… Another winner.

Later that night,I went back across the Charles Bridge to try and get some night shots. Without a tripod, I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I went for it and took some exposures by putting my camera on a wall or bench.  A couple came out looking mediocre (see below).

April 06, 2013-PragueNight-4414

April 06, 2013-PragueNight1-4461

April 06, 2013-PragueNight2-4499

April 06, 2013-PragueNightCastle-4441Prague Castle

April 06, 2013-PragueNightProposal-4484Someone was about to propose, with “Will you marry me?” spelt out in roses.

April 06, 2013-PragueClub-4438The nightclub that we went to the previous night.

We got to bed early so we could get up for our flight to Venice early the next morning!

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