March 03, 2013-KilmainhamCell-2271
This is a cell from the original block of cells of the Kilmainham Gaol.  All the cells were locked with small holes like this to view how the prisoners lived.


I had my first class today for the Material Science course that I’m taking for the semester.  Arcadia was unaware of when the class was going to begin, which is why it started so late.  Oddly enough, it’s only me and two other Villanova students.  We also have a fourth member of the class from Iran who is working on his PhD.   The professor is Italian, but did research at Stanford for a couple years, so she is relatively fluent in English… similar to how the professors are at Villanova too.

I finally got to break out my bike for the first time.  I was a little apprehensive due to no longer having a phone to save me if I got lost, BUT I couldn’t wait any longer. I rode out from the city on a route that I figured would be as easy as possible.  It took me on one street out to Fiumicino, near the port of Rome.  I only got lost briefly twice on the way there and once on the way back!  I felt more comfortable riding along traffic here, only because cars are smaller here and are definitely more aware of their surroundings.  They yield for you if you have to slide over the road, etc.  Definitely because of all the Vespas zipping around.

I saw some very interesting things along the way though… After riding for about 4-5 miles, I thought things were going to quiet down in a more suburban area.  Instead, a huge housing project rose up in the distance that was built to house all the homeless people of Rome.  This building is massive – see:  if you want more information.  After seeing this building, things got very sketchy.  For about two miles, there were dozens of prostitutes on the side of the roads near the woods…. Not what I was expecting.  Lots of shanties and trash, then things got to be a bit more urban again.  I thankfully made it to the port and took a few minutes to look out at the Mediterranean.  I’m definitely going to try and find a new route next time I hop on the bike…

RomeFirstRide It’s pretty obvious where I got lost..

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  • Dad March 9, 2013

    You are certainly seeing a little bit of everything Cam!!! Try to have other bikers with you next time?! Thanks for the great photos and descriptions.

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